Avios Reward Flight Saver launch campaign - 400k emails and 137k DMs

Campaign results and business feedback:

No of bookings: actual 470 vs target 352

Email open rate: actual 39% vs target 30%

Click rate: actual 7% vs target 5%

What members think about the RFS Campaign:

Members like the fact that Avios ran a campaign around RFS. Although quite a few members didn’t receive the booklet (via email/direct mail), they were impressed by the campaign. They think the booklets have a good layout and give a simple yet detailed description of what RFS is. This has made it easier for them to understand RFS . The benefits of RFS are communicated clearly which has encouraged a few of them who have never used RFS to make a booking.

Please see a few comments below:

  • No I haven’t as yet received either of the items, however, I like them – both. They are simple and straightforward, attractive and tell it as it is.
  • I think that they explain the concept clearly.
  • Was much clearer on the free connections than previous communications, so definitely commended for that. Would it persuade me to use RFS? Well, I am next month because I had a Tesco 4500 Avios voucher to use up.
  • Nice and clear, well laid out. I now know what RFS is but in the beginning I did not. Something nice and clear like this would have saved me scratching my head in bewilderment.

Christmas markets campaign - 80k emails and 90k DMs

Campaign results and feedback:

  • The piece achieved around 280 incremental bookings, doubling the BAU response rate which created around £26k in incremental redemption margin.
  • We also had a halo effect of 25% increase in overall response rate which drove more than £100k incremental redemption margin and ROI of 2.
  • The average duration our customers booked for was 2.71 nights Vs 2.28 YTD

Business feedback:

Travel were really pleased with the campaign, especially the hotel buyers who actually requested additional copies of the DM to send to their hotel suppliers as an example of the great marketing we’re doing to support their products!

Agent feedback:

  • “It was simple for both us and the customers to understand”
  • “The customers were excited by it”
  • “It made people call us and it was great to see the calls in the queue”

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